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Snap UI Kit – Free Sketch Library

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about photo apps and social media services. I got a bit inspired by looking through the new services around, so this weekend I decided to sit down and throw together a quick UI... Continue Reading →


Getting started with Sketch libraries and awesome free resources to use them with.

With the release of Sketch 47 came Sketch Libraries. An awesome, new way to manage reusable assets (symbols) throughout all your project. Having access to good libraries allows you and your team to create consistent designs throughout your projects. Sketch... Continue Reading →

AGK42 gallery is live!

I just launched my new gallery and online store, selling a few of my photography prints and potentially some other bits and pieces in the future. AGK42¬†gallery The gallery is the next step in part of a bigger project. I... Continue Reading →

Nakagin capsule tower (6 photos)

Nakagin Capsule tower is an awesome piece of architectural history just near Shimbashi station in Tokyo. It was built in 1972 with the idea of creating a modular building where you could add and remove rooms as needed. Read more... Continue Reading →

Creating a fluid design system – Part 1: Research

I recently joined a new company in the FinTech and payment services space. It's a super exciting field with lots of innovation happening right now, especially in Japan. One of the major tasks I have been put in charge of... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Neons

I just wanted to share a photography project I have been working recently, focusing on neons around Tokyo. I am slowly adding to the collect and making all the images free for commercial use on my Unsplash page. Grab me on Instagram... Continue Reading →

Quick tips for mastering awesome symbols in Sketch

Proactive design can save you lots of time in the future and Sketch is making it easier and easier to set up your controls and components to be re-used over and over throughout your designs. Recently I have been looking... Continue Reading →

Are you actually a UX designer or are you just saying that?

Forewarning: this post is a bit of a rant relating to recent experiences I have had hiring designers. This has been bugging me for a little while now but recently I have been interviewing a lot of designers to take... Continue Reading → has been updated!

I have been doing a little extra work on over the last week. Now you can share quotes to twitter with ease and I fixed a stack of bugs as well. Still need to add other sharing options and... Continue Reading →

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