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Mostly free resources for making awesome designs.

Just wanted to share some of the services and resources I use regularly in my designs. Most of them are free services, but some require attribution which you can usually pay to remove. Remember to double check the rules from each... Continue Reading →

Sketch + InVision VS Adobe XD (part 1)

Introduction These days we have a so many options for creating app designs and prototyping them. I am always looking for different ways to improve my workflow and productivity. This is a little experiment/comparison of 2 workflows. It will be split over... Continue Reading →

Do people actually want it?

Coming up with an awesome idea for an app, something that is worthy of putting time into and actually building, comes with a certain kind of hope and pride. You have finally figured out that million dollar idea! One of... Continue Reading →

Give UX Thanks

I read a nice post the other day giving thanks to all the good stuff going on in UX. We always hear about bad UX, because it's easy to complain. But good UX is rarely seen. That's kind of the... Continue Reading →

Down with passwords!

Passwords kind of suck. For them to be at all secure they have to be at least 8 characters long, use 3 different types of characters and not be anything to relevant to you (think birthdays or kids names). That... Continue Reading →

UXing your way into a UX gig.

Tracking the metrics of your UX job hunt. I read an interesting although vague article (read: click bait) recently about a guy who was looking for a marketing gig in SF and came up with a way to get people... Continue Reading →

Tokyo – Random photos – part 1

Just a collection of some of my favourite pictures I have taken around Tokyo. Mostly taken on Fujifilm x100t but occasionally iPhone 6s plus when the camera is out of reach. Cool. Source: Tokyo - Random photos - part 1

Sleeper for Windows Phone 7

The other night I was lying in bed with a million things racing through my head, mostly, all the things I had to do the next day, and couldn't sleep at all. I tried to take my mind off them... Continue Reading →

10 quick notes to design polished Metro Apps

I went to a UX workshop recently for Windows 8 and thought it would be cool to share my notes and take-aways from the event. Besides a few tips and concepts, I have also added a few things I think... Continue Reading →

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