There has been so much talk lately about the net taking a turn for the better.

I just thought I would write a quick blog about designing for this new Internet and what I have learnt that people want.

Stats suggest people using the web don’t really want to spend a lot of time on the same thing, they surf around looking for everything they can (unless your right into your MySpace and re-fresh every 10 minutes…. that’s different). So after lots of research by important people gathering together to talk about it, they have decided web pages need a lot more thought in designing them and writing the content for them.

Enter Web 2.0 Designs stage right

Now remember this is just a brief overview but there is heaps more info out there about it.

I have talked a little about web 2.0 before, but just to go over it again,
people say web 2.0 is a movement to create an Internet that is more useful, interactive and provides a better social platform for everyday users. Myspace, Facebook and all the blog, wikis and sharing sites out there.

Its that simple >

First up, simplicity. With all the research in mind I guess it was the most obvious thing to fix. It seems that when you go to a web page for some tasty information to sink you teeth into, you want it quick. You don’t want to be waiting for intros to the site, then you finally get into the site and you can’t find the menu or search box and there is so many moving animation that your start to feel a bit dizzy. (oh and that’s only if your on broadband – without that you are more likely to be sitting around just waiting for something to happen).

Make your page a simple layout – 1 or 2 column layout with a clean and clear font, big heading and the menu & search bar should be right in the users face.

OOO its so shiny >

Usually web 2.0 sites seem to be shiny, plenty of glass effects, reflections and mix that all in with some sweet icons and you have yourself a web 2.0 site.

header icon5 icon2

A great example is Simple, easy to use and it has a really cool search engine.

So some dot points to remember:

  • Big Header – straight forward and simple
  • Plenty of glass and reflections – Always looks good and is clean and simple
  • Big crisp icons – Descriptive and relevant
  • Good content – people don’t read word for word on your site, so keep it simple (unless they are specifically there to read the entire article).

For more info, check out this sweet write up which is a lot more in depth.

By no means am I telling you to hold back on making a crazy looking site, just keep some of these concepts in mind before people go to your site and have no idea what is going on.