This is just a real quick tutorial on how to make easy sweeping lines which when used in the right way it can look pretty sweet and add a bit of depth to your image.

First things first, make a new canvas that’s 50px wide and 200px high. You can make it bigger or smaller but for this exercise, we will just start with a small one.

Now all I have done is rule out every 25 pixels (ctrl + R to bring up your rulers).


Now before you start painting, turn on your paint brush crosshair.
Edit > Preferences > Display & Cursors (for other Photoshop versions I’m pretty sure its very similar)

curse menu >> crosshair

So next we hit ‘D’ to change our selected colour to black, Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new layer and start painting.


I used a simple round firm brush at about 15px. Just line your crosshair up with your intersections and paint.

Should look like the above.

After that’s done, remove the background layer by hitting the eye next to background on the layer palette.


Now head up to

Edit > Define Brush Preset

it will bring up a dialogue box asking you for a name for the brush, click OK and it should be in your brushes.

Now to use it!

its as simple as selecting the brush tool and setting up your dotted brush. brush

brush settings

These are the settings I use for this sized brush, set the master diameter to about 15px, but its really up to you on how thick you want your lines, I find that the smaller the better.

So find what you want to add your swooping lines to.


I’m just going to use my header for this one.

select the pen tool. pen


Use the pen tool to create a path for your lines to follow.

Right click > Stroke path

right click >> strokepathdiag

Select brush and make sure simulate pressure is un-checked.

Hit GO and your away!

The only thing left to do it play with colour, opacity and different paths.
See what cool things you can create!


I suggest keeping them quite subtle, I try not to make it a main focal point but just a very faint bit of depth to add to your image.