Making glass is easy in Photoshop, its all about using some gradients, transparencies and maybe a little blur if your so inclined.

I’m just going to make a simple piece of glass with some text on it and hopefully you can take the skills from this tutorial and work them into some more creative uses for glass effects.fin

I’ making a white glass button so i will use a different colour on the background so i can see what i am working with, I’m going to add an image later so it doesn’t really matter what colour.

Step 1

Make a the shape of your glass, I’m going with a rounded edge rectangle (10px edges), take the opacity down about 30 percent, and add a border on the edge (double click next the the name of your layer in the layers tool box, that will bring up the blending options, down the bottom is stroke)

I’m setting the colour to black and opacity to about 50%

should look a bit like this,

step 1

Step 2 – Gradients

Ok so now we have to add some gradients to give it some sleekness.

Hold ctrl and click on the square in your layer palette. this will select your shape.


now what we want to do is only select half of the image, so grab the rectangular marquee tool (the square selection tool), hold ALT and select the bottom half of the square, leave the top half selected.

Hit new layer

Grab the gradient tool gradient and set it to foreground to transparent.

and just drag a gradient from bottom to top of the selected area.

then pull that layers opacity down a little, maybe to 60% or something.


Step 3 – Starting to look a little glassy.

From here we can do a few little things, try some high lights by selecting the shape, painting some little bits of the glass with a soft brush on a new layer and then blurring it out heavily.

Personally i am going to do the same to the bottom half as i did the top, but instead of a white gradient i am going to use a darker colour (deep blue) and then bring the opacity right down to about 15%.

try some different effects and mix some together, to see what you can come up with.

Step 4 – last minute things

Ok so 3 last things

Add a really light drop shadow to your original shape (in the blending tools we used in step 1). I have put the distance to 0 and the size to 10px, this will give an a shadow that surrounds the entire shape, i also pull down the opacity to about 55%.

Add some text, or what ever. add some drop shadows to it or what ever you want. i put an inner shadow to give an indented look.

and as a last thing, i am going to put an image behind it, once your image is in, you might need to change around the opacities to get the right strength for your glass.

Select your main object again (right click the box next to the layers) and then add a Gaussian blur to your picture layer. only needs to be a light blur to give a frosted look.

and err… i guess that’s it. Just play around with those effects and you should be good to go!