I spend a heap of time surfing the web for great inspiration, but so many times have I gone to a site, found it to be way to over the top and it’s just confused me so I leave, nothing learnt and even though its got great flashy bits and stuff going everywhere, it leaves no impact.

In today’s busy world people don’t have time or simply don’t care about all those amazing graphics on your site, they want to just get in, get some info, do what they came to the site for and leave.

The key to an effective website is simplicity, fast easy access to information. They don’t want to be waiting around for your site to load or be bombarded with buttons and text everywhere on the home page.

This is not to say that your page should just be a text document with no graphics and look terrible, but when creating an effective design, keep you entry page or home page simple, don’t try to fit all your information on one page. Write effectively and keep your text to a minimum, if they like what they read and want to know more then they will drill down into your page, that’s called the hook.

In my experience you only have a few seconds to hook your viewer, so make those few seconds count.

As for keeping the load time down, think of ways you can design the page to use the built in features of HTML or CSS. Use a 1 pixel wide repeating background for extreme fast loading. And just try not to put to many graphics on the home page. Hook the user first and then once they crave the information on your site, you can do what ever you want.