I just wanted to write a quick note about the troubles I ran into with creating my first deep zoom gallery.

So i went through all the normal steps and exported as a composition. Loaded it on my local machine and it worked beautifully.

As soon as i uploaded it to my web server running IIS, it just died, wouldn’t load it at all in firefox.

There was no right click option for silverlight or anything, just didn’t seem to be there at all. Also when I loaded the page in IE7, it worked but it seem to throw all my styles out the window and decided it wanted to take up way more of the page than what I had told it to.

I found a work around by changing a setting to export as collection and it seems to be working fine. And i worked out i could get rid of the randomize button at the bottom by editing the master file in Blend 2.5 march preview.

So I guess it all worked out in the end, if anyone knows what the problem is I would love to know, also i hope anyone who has the same problem finds this post helpful because i could only find lots of people getting angry at the situation but not getting any answers.

So all you have to do to fix the issue is “Export as Collection”.