So I have been plagued with an issue in silverlight for the last days, it wouldn’t let me make events in the XAML or edit my code in visual studios. I’m pretty sure its a bug in the product judging by all the blogs and things I read about it.

When i added an event by clicking the event icon in properties (little blue square with a lightning bolt) it would say cannot change code-behind file: unable to find

It would still open VS but would say “this project type is not supported by this installation”.

But i fixed it, with a simple reinstall of expression blend 2.5 march preview and installing the silverlight tools for visual studio 08, found here!

If you are getting the same issue, give a reinstall a try and grab the tools. Works great now!

B.T.W. I am using the 2.5 march preview of expressions blend in a silverlight 2 environment and visual studio 08.