If your getting right into your Silverlight development this is a must! Microsoft have 10 gigs on offer just to host all your Silverlight apps.

Go Here!

Sign in with your live ID and your ready to start uploading your apps. Its really simple to use to!

Create your Silverlight application how you normally would, and build it. Then go to your “Debug” folder which is found in projectname/bin/debug – Throw all that info into a .ZIP file and upload to MSSSS (that’s Microsoft Silverlight Streaming Service – Heh!)

Once that’s all done, there should be a section about configuring this application, you will probably need to create a manifest for it by simply clicking create manifest in that section, it should ask you for some information about the app, size and source and such, most of its pretty straight forward but when I did it the first time I found that the “Source:” was set to “appmanifest.xaml”, this isn’t right, you want to set that to your XAP file, usually the name of the project followed by .XAP.

Shouldn’t really need to worry to much about the other stuff if its just a simple app, save that, and up the top you should be able to test your app.

Once its working, grab the code it gives you down the bottom and your ready to start throwing your Silverlight apps all over the web!

Another sweet feature is the video hosting so don’t forget to check that out!

Have Fun!