So I got my hot little hands on the new iPhone last week and overall its just great, does all sorts of great stuff, from telling me where I am and then posting it to twitter, being a virtual turn table to scratch up some phat beats, making calls and even tuning my guitar. Plenty of fun to be had.

But where is my Silverlight hey? Its certainly not on there.

There is heaps of talk flying around the blogsphere about it, from hints being dropped at MIX 08′ about its release to the iPhone by Scott Guthrie from Microsoft and Steve Ballmer saying “not any time soon!”.

Steve Jobs has said that flash isn’t good enough for the iPhone and it won’t be making an appearance on the phone at any stage, does this mean Silverlight could be the answer?

I am not real keen on jail breaking my phone, I’m pretty sure that will void and chance of replacement when i break it, because I will break it, or lose it or something. I really hope there is a deal in progress to get a legit version of Silverlight running on my mini Safari browser (It already works on normal safari, so don’t leave out the little guy, thats just mean!).

I guess we will just have to sit back and wait patiently. In the mean time I’m going to play Trism!