So the other day my mate comes to work in a pretty dark mood after having his smart phone stolen along with a bunch of cash, so as usual he cancels his phone account which would at least ensure the thief can’t make calls on his behalf.

Arriving at work the next day he realises that his outlook contacts are all up the creek, most of them missing and a whole array of new numbers he has never seen before.

Turns out the thief has put his personal sim card in the phone and copied all the contact over from it, which has synced with my mates outlook, and uploaded every contact number to his work computer!

After a quick print out and walk down to the police station and voila, the police have the number of thief, his mother and father and plenty of ex girlfriends who I’m sure wouldn’t take a whole lot of persuading to hand over his personal details.

Just a classic example of technology prevailing over petty theft.