Adding a little bit of hand drawn goodness to your design can make a whole world of difference to what ever you are creating. This tutorial is how to make good looking clean text that is drawn by hand.

First you need to get some tracing paper, best. invention. ever!


Now your ready to get moving, first up I created a document in photoshop at A4 size. it doesn’t have to be this size but its easy for printing.

lay your text (or anything else, logos ect.) out in Photoshop and then print it.

place it under some tracing paper and make a solid outline of the text with a good pen. Don’t worry about being to precise, after all, if you want it perfect why re-trace it?


Ok at this point you can probably remove the printed text from under the trace, feel free to colour it in or what ever you think will work, I have just given it a light colouring with my pen

once that’s all done and looking good, scan it into your computer.


Ok awesome, looking pretty sweet by itself already, but if you do feel the need to add something behind it to give it a little more “Zazz”, layer it over the top of something and set its blend mode to “Multiply”.


Then you might want to have a play with contrast, brightness and hue to get the right effect you are looking for.

I nabbed that awesome brown paper texture from (Thanks Chris!)

And that’s how its done.  If there are any questions let me know, I will be posting some of the work I used it with in a few weeks and another Blog on how to make sweet grunge 3D set ups for print or web.

Hope you enjoyed!