On Saturday I have the privilege/pleasure to attend the Silverlight Designer and Developer Networks – Silverlight in a Day Course, and let me just say, WOW! It was just awesome, the guys from SDDN and Microsoft teamed up to produce an awesome day of learning and free swag!


This was the first of hopefully many training days dedicated to Silverlight, and 200+ people applied for a spot, sadly though, there was only room for 40 people, which were drawn out of a hat.

So we all arrived at Cliftons for a 9.30 start and the day kicked off with an introduction from Jordan Knight, Giving a basic overview of the day ahead and any house keeping items that needed to be addressed.

First lab of the day:  Introduction to XAML and Expression Blend with Mahesh Krishnan
Because the day was targeted at beginners of Silverlight, Mahesh gave a fantastic look into XAML, what it is, what it does and why its just awesome. He continued on with a lab on Expression Blend and how to use it to create projects and animations and all sorts of good stuff.

Mahesh Krishnan

Networking, data binding and media – Phil Beadle
This lab was focused at basic networking to WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) services, binding data to objects and media so we got to jump into visual studios (which isn’t my thing at all) and learn some basics which was really easy to pick up! The Media section of this was awesome too, Silverlight is just so powerful when it comes to media, its just not funny!

Phil Beadle

After that it was Jordan’s turn again to look into:

Templating, the VSM, more data binding and the HTML DOM Bridge

Which was a great hands on how to skin buttons using Control Templates and the Visual State Manager (VSM).  This was really my sort of thing, and although there was probably one 2 other designers there, I think a lot of people benefited from learning this stuff.  The next section was a more advanced lab looking at OneTime, OneWay and TwoWay data binding. (we had already skimmed over this earlier in the day as well). and then to finish off the day we rushed through the HTML DOM bridge and how you can call and edit HTML from Silverlight and JS and vice versa.

Jordan Knight

All in all it was a huge day of learning and I’m sure everyone who attended learn heaps of great things to get their silverlight journey started and well on its way.

Oh and the free swag they gave out! So many prizes!!!
Thanks to Microsoft, the SDDN guys had so much stuff to give out, t-shirts, Expression suite and visual studios and even one MSDN TS subscription worth 19k!!!! I pretty sure just about even got something to take home in the end!

And if you attended the day and are reading this, please do leave some feedback on what you thought about it all! The more feedback received, the more chance there is of it being presented in other cities and future events in Melbourne!

Shane Morris(Microsoft), Phillip Beadle, Jordan Knight,

More pics from the day here

Oh and one last thing, If your keen to express your interest in the SDDN for any reason or want to provide some feedback on it, or visit

Thanks everyone

Whole class being quized for free MSDN subs
Whole class being quized for free MSDN subs