Since the release of Expression Blend 3 and Silverlight 3 yesterday at Microsoft’s Mix09, there has been heaps of buzz around all the awesome new features and changes to the product, the one I wanted to mention today was Silverlight on the desktop.

You can now run Silverlight applications offline and on the desktop. This is a huge step for Silverlight and giving developers the ability to make a great web based application that also serves as a normal desktop application. Best bit of all? Its really easy to make your application down-loadable to the desktop and even easier for users to save and delete it.

Lets have a quick look at it…

With some small additions to your application.xml like adding information for the icon, name and description of the application and its ready to go.

Inside the Silverlight application when its running, Right click to see the install option


Once you have chosen to install the app you have a few choices about the install


Click OK and your done, you app will be installed in the start menu, desktop or both


Then if you wish to get rid of the application, open it back up (either the web version or the version installed on your desktop) and right click again.


How easy is that!

This of the possibility this could add to your application, and this is only the start, there are so many other awesome features to look at and I will do my best to show them to you as soon as possible.

I will also post a tutorial soon on how this is achieved.