I whipped up a quick demo last night using Silverlights 3 and Expression Blends new tools. This demo should help get some ideas flowing hopefully. I did for me!

See the Demo! – Hover over the panels to bring them into focus

If you don’t have Silverlight 3 installed, Grab it here (it’s in the right hand side panels).


This demo uses:

Built using

  • Expression Blend 3 Mix Beta
  • Silverlight 3 engine

Pixel Shaders

  • Drop Shadow (added to buttons and spinning animation)
  • Blur (added to shadows and canvas

Transform attributes

  • Scale
  • Project

Out of browser

The project also includes the save to desktop option, to see this in action, right click on the silverlight application and select “Install Projection Demo on this computer” and then to uninstall the application at a later date, simply open it up and right click again selecting Uninstall/Remove.

Hope you enjoy the demo and if you have any questions just drop me a comment.

Oh and B.T.W don’t think this is everything the new Silverlight has to offer, there is sooo much more!!!! These are just a few things I have been playing with.