Today I announced that was coming and included a link to the site, since then the SilverZine twitter has been on fire, so to keep the momentum rolling I thought I would organise a little sneak peek on what SilverZine is!


I have been thinking about this for a while now and I have finally stepped up to the challenge.

There are plenty of sites out there dedicated to Silverlight, but being a designer myself, I have found there is not a lot of design orientated ones.

Enter SilverZine!

SilverZine is a community resource that will allow designers to find tips, tricks and inspiration for their Silverlight projects or get their name out there with something they have put together themselves. Basically it’s a resource for designers who work with or are interesting in working with Silverlight.

With that said, developers are most welcome as well, although it will not be a code heavy website, you might find some cool inspiration for the look of your next interface/application or grab one of the free resources we plan to have available as time goes by.

Let me know your thoughts and things you might be interested in seeing on the site.

and don’t forget to hook up with the SilverZine twitter to keep up to date with its progress

Thanks everyone