So Windows 8 Developer preview was released the other day and I decided to give it a whirl on my HP TouchSmart TM2 laptop. I had a few problems installing it at first, but realised that it was a dodgy USB boot stick.

Once I got it up and running and started playing around, I had just about enough time to set up my accounts and a few other bits and pieces and BAM! Black screen…. Rebooted it, it started up ok but then a few seconds later it went black again, and the next time I booted, nothing at all, just black.

Was kind of annoying.

So anyway, I was guessing it was the drivers, so I tried installing some different drivers and thing, which nothing worked, mostly because it just wouldn’t install on win8. To cut a long story short, it was the Windows Update trying to install a driver for my ATI Radeon HD card. Apparently it’s not quite there yet or something. So i just turned off Windows updates for the time being and everything seems ok… At least now I can play around with it for a bit.

To turn off the Windows update, goto Desktop, right click and select personalise, and then in the search bar at the top, type update, the second item in the list should be turn windows update on or off.

It’s not the best answer but at least I can play around some more!

Hope this helps…