The other night I was lying in bed with a million things racing through my head, mostly, all the things I had to do the next day, and couldn’t sleep at all. I tried to take my mind off them and just get some rest but I always seem to slowly start thinking about things again.

There has to be an app for that right? Something to take your mind off things. 

Well I got out of bed and jumped in front of Blend for an hour or 2 and came up with sleeper. It’s a very simple app, just something to keep your mind off all the other stuff and relax and doze off to sleep.

Most of the time was spent designing up the little sheep, banging it together in Blend was actually probably the quickest part. 

Barely any code, a bunch of animations and vector graphics and and a handful of behaviours and I had my little sheep counting app up and running in no time. 


It’s in the windows phone marketplace now if you’re interested.