I read a nice post the other day giving thanks to all the good stuff going on in UX. We always hear about bad UX, because it’s easy to complain. But good UX is rarely noticed. That’s kind of the point. When you don’t have to think about how to use something you don’t need to remember it.

I wanted to write a few of my own things that I think are making peoples lives easier and using computers a more enjoyable experience.

Cross platform/cloud apps.

Having my notes everywhere I go and shared across all my devices is awesome.

Bookmarks, settings all that kind of stuff. I don’t even really think about it anymore and take it for granted but its made a huge different to my work flows.

I also love Spotify knows where my music is playing. I can simply hand it off to my phone and even remote control it at a party from a different device.

Casting your device to screens with the tap of a button.

Gone are the days of having to run a cable out the back of your tv, now you can just tap a button and cast what ever you like on the big screen.

Language algorithms.

The ability to just type what’s in your head into google and get what you want.

You don’t need to know how to use google search. Just type something in. 95% of the time it will find what you need.

We are also using this to create chat bots and new ways to interact with our apps which is really cool.

Voice input

This goes for voice input as well. With things like Alexis, google hub, Siri and Cortana about, integrating directly into our lives, it’s just making things easier.

Phone out of reach? Can still get the weather. Cooking? Get the next step in the recipe or change the song without getting ingredients all over your device.


iWatch login, desktop logins (windows accounts across devices) , connected google accounts & passwordless login.

It just seems easier these days to be logged in.

This goes for all type of authentication as well, you can literally authorize a payment online by pressing your thumb on your keyboard.

That’s pretty rad.

Payment services and fintech stuff.

We have finally made it easy to pay people money! Cash is terrible. We don’t need it. I should be able to send money anywhere I want. Instantly.

We are slowly moving towards that goal with startups like Transferwise, Venmo, Sqaure cash and even full on technology based banks like Simple changing the way we use/handle our money.

Sketch App!

I just had to mention Sketch. It’s basically changed the whole way I design things. It’s just awesome.

It’s removed all the distractions of photoshop and made designing interfaces super easy and efficient. It was literally built for it.

Computer vision

Microsoft is doing some awesome stuff with computer vision and detection of objects. This is going to be super powerful as we move into a more augmented world.



thats’ just some stuff I think is really cool at the moment. I’m just excited to be involved in all this innovation and new technology going on right now.

What about you?