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Kyash app has launched!

I just wanted to share a project that I have been working on for the last year or so since I moved to Japan. When I arrived, I joined a very small (I was the first core team member after... Continue Reading →


Exporting with Sketch

Sketch app has some pretty awesome things for UI designer work flow improvement, and the export tools are no exception. By designing the app from the ground up to take into account the needs of UI designers, Sketch app has... Continue Reading →

LEDLabo Photoshoot – Shibuya, Tokyo.

Photography shoot from a few weeks back for LEDLabo in Shibuya - Tokyo. Thanks for checking it out. Alex Knight UX / UI Designer - Tokyo, Japan

Creating a fluid app design guidelines and asset libraries using Sketch, Craft and Invision.

Working in tech is always incredibly fast paced and ever changing, and design is no different, especially if you have had experience designing in start-up environments or super agile teams. Things can change before the you have time to name... Continue Reading → has been updated!

Just a quick post to note that have been updated! Added a stack more articles and things to look at it! But the best bit is totally the glitch loader that shows up for half a second before it launches... Continue Reading →

Cognitive bias – Scarcity effect

The scarcity effect occurs when something seems rare or in short supply. This can be used in UX design as a mental shortcut to place extra value on items. Take amazon for example, almost everything on their website has under 10... Continue Reading →

Sketch 3 tutorial – Simple heat monitoring interface

This is a quick tutorial on how to make a nice, clean, minimal interface quickly using Sketch 3. This is my finished interface. Quick and simple, but uses some techniques that should be helpful to get started with making other... Continue Reading →

Remove anything (especially people!) from photos with Content Aware with Photoshop

A while ago Photoshop released a new feature called Content Aware. I didn't write about it when it was released but it's basically black magic that remove things from photos and patches up the area using data from the surrounding... Continue Reading →

Good looking stats vs meaningful metrics

It's so easy to get caught up in what are known as "vanity metrics". You know the ones, page views, sessions and even new users in some cases. While these look great on paper, especially when showing the board members... Continue Reading →

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